What can we do for you?

Do you have high value assets that require protection? This could be from something as small as a Rig-site or something as large as a power station that requires a Site Security Manager (SSM) that would normally be provided by the security provider, to carry out the daily running and security of the site.

Surprisingly a large number of Security Providers, after award of a contract, allow complacency to become the norm in an effort to enhance their operating profit by reducing their operating costs. Perhaps you already have security in place but are concerned that corners are being cut operationally and that the contract you have with the security provider is not being fulfilled?

SSI are independent and answer only to the client but, work alongside the security provider in the same way a cooperative Security Manager works however, at middle management level. SSI can highlight problems that the security provider would normally hide.

SSI would regularly provide a suite of reports to outline how effective incumbent security measures are. Once complacency sets in and the contractor is looking for ways to reduce operating costs, staff unmotivated, standards slip and gaps start to appear. Why not find out exactly what is going on with your contract by utilizing our independent site security managers, have a system in place that can change an issue before it becomes a problem at no extra cost to you.

For Example

1. Levels of training for guards - Are you 100% certain that guards are getting the required training and meet the standards required for a static site? Are they competent with their weapon systems? Have they fired their weapon systems recently? Have the company conducted range days which all security providers say they do but don't? Or hide it by carrying out one range day then say everyone in the company has carried it out. Sound familiar? The reality is most people have not fired a weapon in two or more years and don't even know if their weapon systems work. Not reassuring in today's climate.

2. Hiding manning levels - Are you being charged a daily rate for guards not turning up for work?

3. Manning - Are you aware that some companies that have dismissed individuals for threatening or dangerous behaviour have only moved them to a different site, endangering the clients and everyone at other locations?

4. Equipment - Is your security provider providing the equipment that you expect and pay for? When was the last time the security provider test fired their weapons and serviced them correctly? Which they all say they do, however it is common knowledge (except for the client) that they don't.

5. Medical Training - Are your present SSM's in place qualified to teach the mandatory subjects and do they have the required training aides to ensure quality instruction?

These are just a few examples of what security providers say they do and hide through paper trails, and even audits.