Our Specialities offered to you:

Risk consultancy services

SSI are here to identify the full range of risks to the people your security provider are supposed to protect but hides from you. Our extremely knowledgeable and experienced specialist teams will work with you to achieve the results you require.

Our risk consultants specialise in:

  • Security & Risk surveys
  • Security consultancy services (Physical & Technical)
  • Business Resilience
  • Continuity Planning and Crisis Management (working with the security provider)
  • Penetration testing
  • Sub Contracted Security Auditing (QA/QC)

So whether your business is, public or private sector we can analyse your exposure to a whole spectrum of risks, and ensure the continuity and resilience of your security provider. We will then implement our recommendations for you, so you benefit from a complete end-to-end service, which is basically a transparent audit every day, week, month and year. An ISSM for less cost than an SSM in place with your current security provider.

Our Independent Site Security Manager

In today's industry the price of security is being driven down for a number of reasons, not to mention the low price in oil. For whatever reason the results are the same, poor quality guards and a lack of experienced SSM's, due to the experienced professional leaving the industry. All they are interested in is highest possible profit at a cost to your safety. Over the last few years this has become more and more pervasive in the industry as the security providers decrease spending to increase profit. This all comes at a cost to professionalism and quite honestly dangerously poor equipped, trained and paid staff. This is not limited to the smaller company, as was experienced with the high profile London Olympics where the British Army had to step in.

Until now where security providers are not up to standard very little could be done as the staff of that provider would promise but rarely deliver. Unfortunately they would hide, lie and manipulate data around a problem. If providers were changed they got exactly the same, if not a worse standard of provider. Where the ISSM comes in is simple, he is not hired by the provider but by the client, he will have systems in place so you will know if the provider is not producing the service you are paying for. More importantly he will have the ability to drive the corrective actions with the security provider and being on the ground ensure that these actions are adhered to going forward.

One of the big advantages would be little or no disruption to security already in place. So without the expense of getting a new provider the ISSM takes over working with the provider but pointing out where they are going wrong and not hiding the problems from you the client. For example the ISSM would test the guard on their training, and if they are not up to the standard inform the provider they need to carry out remedial training in the area of concern. The ISSM will ensure the provider performs this remedial training while keeping you the client informed. This then will immediately heighten the standard of guards at your sites. The same would apply to weapons and equipment. The ISSM would simply slot into the security providers SSM's position taking over exactly the same role but with one big difference ''Transparency''. So you the client know you're getting exactly what you pay for.

All SSI ISSM's are experienced Former Senior Non Commissioned Officers from various military back-grounds worldwide,with years of experience in management in Hostile Environments. We pride ourselves on only employing individuals with the right experience. No corners are cut to ensure the service we provide is the best value for money and second to none.


Our mission statement is very simple. To give confidence to the client by managing their guard force to ensure;

S - Security
P - Professionalism
Q - Quality
R - Reassurance

But above all else complete transparency.